Resident Evil Series Getting A Semi-Reboot

Bloody Disgusting has confirmed that the Resident Evil franchise will be getting a slight reboot after the next film, Resident Evil 4: Afterlife. Tentatively titled Resident Evil Begins, the new project will take us away from the increasingly convoluted adventures of Milla Jovovich's Alice, and will potentially retread the events of the first film by focusing on a military unit tasked with taking down a rampaging supercomputer, while also fighting off former-scientist zombies.

I'm not a total Resident Evil hater. I count the first film as one of the better video game film adaptations we've gotten, and I think it's proof that Anderson may not deserve all the flack he gets. The series lost me when it moved further away from the game mythology, and turned Alice into a super-soldier that seemingly  belonged in a different franchise. Hopefully, this quasi-reboot will tie the film series back into the games. While the game mythology is completely ridiculous and makes very little sense at times, it's at least far more compelling than what we got with the Alice storyline.

Discuss: What are your thoughts on the Resident Evil franchise? Would you rather they continue with the Alice storyline, or try to reboot the series?