The Most Interesting Movie Related Tweets From Kevin Smith's Tweet-A-Thon

We told you last week that writer/director Kevin Smith has announced plans to conduct a 24 hour online Q&A on Twitter for an uninterrupted 24 hours on Labor Day to promote his latest book, "Shootin' the Sh*t With Kevin Smith" and an upcoming 15-city tour. The tweet-a-thon is almost over, and I thought I'd bring you a collection of the most interesting movie related q&a's.@Gabo_2408 "do you hate tim burton for the Superman thing?"

Not at all. I respect the shit out of Tim, even if I don't dig every flick. Honestly: very few directors have as instantly-recognizable a style. Burton does. Scorcese. Coens. Raimi. That's a true artist: sig-style.

@Aaron_Thomas "Your favorite movie theater?"

The Mann inadvertently laid the way for me moving to L.A., but I rarely go to Westwood now.

@sethzinke "favorite monty python movie?"

HOLY GRAIL, but I also love BRIAN. "Judean People's Front? We're the People's Front of Judea."

@Louieando "My mom thinks your the devil since Dogma. Can you change that?"

Show her JERSEY GIRL, then reveal it's the same guy.

@The_Director "Pen and paper or a script writing program?"

For years, MS Word. Now, Final Draft.

@bdkreviews "best Hitchcock film?"

For me? ROPE.

@DrewPLP "What's your favorite Kubrick movie?"

Probably THE SHINING. I know I should've went classier, but that flick holds up well.

@MissBrowning "It's a sausage-fest in here! What's your fave chick flick & why?"

JERRY MAGUIRE count? One of my all-time faves.

@redpuma "Do you think Disney will kill the amazingness of Marvel?"

They didn't kill the amazingness of @MiramaxFilms back in the day.

Fantasio "Are you the owner of the rights of your movies?"

In 10 years, all UK rights revert back to me. In U.S., Disney owns forever.

@draven389 "Have you ever been the only person in a theater watching a movie?"JERSEY GIRL, opening weekend. Ba-dump-bump! (*sob!*)@MissMitsu "What graphic novel would you most want to film?"Don't wanna make it, but wanna see DARK KNIGHT RETURNS adaptation one day.@pennylane726 "What is your fav John Hughes movie?"SHE'S HAVING A BABY. Hence JERSEY GIRL. #BlameHughes!@raeisgonnadoit "Who is your favorite comedian?"All time? Carlin. Also: Kinison, Bill Hicks, Bill Cosby, Stephen Wright, Dennis Miller@LAtheDJ "If you could make a sequel to any other movie (not yours) what would it be?"GROSSE POINTE BLANK.@chrisghatfield "On Entourage-their idea of movie hell was directed by Michael Bay and written by you -whats yours?"Same thing, oddly.@JasonFingerman "Godfather I or II?"

I'm a I man, myself. Like 'em both, but like I a little more.

@Paulv15590 "What's been your favorite film of the year so far?"Probably UP.@joshuamink "what is your favorite editing system?"Avid Film Composer, hands down. I've cut every flick from AMY forward on an Avid.@CinemaGoddess "Fave female directors?"Martha Coolidge, Jane Campion, Kim Pierce, Betty Thomas (I love THE LATE SHIFT) come to mind.@Paulv15590 "I'm a hug Adam Brody fan" Me too. "How much screentime will he have in A couple of dicks?"

Guesstimate? 39 minutes worth.

@diablocody "Do you get scared before a movie comes out?"You, you, you – it's ALWAYS about you, isn't it Cody? #Jennifer'sBody That being said, I used to. ZAMMAP broke me of that nasty habit. Now I don't care. If I dig it, I'm all good. All I can do is make'em@valbacca "how you feel about walmart cutting out make a porno from zack & miri?"Bummer, but it didn't change the flick at all.@WhinyJack "Finished writing HIT SOMEBODY or is it a work in progress?"Haven't started in earnest yet. Ton o'notes and last scene only@colemancb "Zack and Miri Podcast commentary happening anytime soon?"I'd say the one year mark'd be good, but Rogen's busy with HORNET@drdogbert "Whats the plan after DICKS?"I think it's time to HIT SOMEBODY.@justdevin "If not A COUPLE OF DICKS what will you title the movie?"I didn't title it the first time. That's up to WB/Platt/Cullens.@qmuser "most painful thing you've cut from a film to please the MPAA?"Never hadda. 3 times I flipped a rating without a single cut.@nosajdabeno "What are the chances of Red State seeing the light of day"Looking better lately...@ewines "Ever think of doing direct to DVD given your success in that market? Or too much stigma attached?"

It's a strange... stigma, considering homevideo is, largely, how movies are seen. But all that work and no theatrical? Wouldn't feel right

@Zippio "Any chance there will be another Clerks movie??"MAYBE when we're all in our mid-40's. CLERKS = 20's. CLERKS II = 30's.@EckhardSperling "What is your favorite TV-Show?"Of all-time? Probably ROSEANNE or recent BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Currently? Not sure.@exlander "Will there ever be a Dogma Extended Edition, with the Hell scene?"Was working on it with Sony, but I got distracted by ZACK@VeritasLiSaint "Mos: do you think you'll ever co-direct/write together"Tried to get him to codirect CLERKS. Talked RANGER DANGER, too

You can read many many MANY more question and answers on Kevin Smith's Twitter page: