Gorgeous Movie Trailer For Confucius, Starring Chow Yun Fat

The trailer for Chow Yun Fat's next project, Confucius, recently hit the internet, and it's gathered quite a bit of attention. The trailer forgoes dialog completely, and instead we're treated to three minutes of gorgeously shot epic scenes, all set to a somber soundtrack. The film is directed by Mei Hu, a director I'm not at all familiar with, but apparently she's trusted enough to handle a ~$20 million epic. The film was developed in part with the Chinese government, and is part of an initiative to promote the philosophy of Confucius.

Don't expect any surprises from this film. Being a government project about one of the most revered philosophical figures in China, I don't expect that Mei Hu will be able to take many risks with the material. (For another example of Chinese governmental influence on film, consider the ending of Hero). It'll still probably be worth watching for the Chow factor alone.

View the trailer below:

Via Quiet Earth