VOTD: The Making Of The Shining

The Making of The Shining is one of my favorite making of documentaries for many reasons. First of all, Stanley Kubrick allowed his then-17-year-old daughter, Vivian, to make the documentary while he was in production. So it's far different from the standard epk making of doc, and takes on more of a fly on the wall narrative – you feel like you're there. IT does also include some sit down interviews, but even those seem less rehearsed and more authentic than most. And lastly, we get to see the filming of what many believe to be one of the best films of all time.

Originally created for the British television show BBC Arena, the documentary "offers rare insight into the shooting process of a Kubrick film." I believe this is included on the DVD release, but I doubt most of you have seen it. And I was able to find both the doc with and without commentary on google video. Watch it embedded after the jump.

The Making of The Shining:

With commentary from Vivian Kubrick