VOTD: Quentin Tarantino Reviews There Will Be Blood

Earlier this month, we posted a video of Quentin Tarantino listing off his top 20 movies to be released since he became a filmmaker. The video was actually party of a special series on the British television channel Sky Movies. Tarantino presented some movies of his choice films including Taxi Driver, Sunshine, There Will Be Blood, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, and even his own Death Proof, accompanied by short sit down introductions.

What follows after the jump is Tarantino's 10-minute review of Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood. Of course, Anderson is one of Quentin's good friends, so the review is glowing. But Tarantino's insights are always worth my time. Check out the review after the jump.

Thanks to /Film reader Ryan M for sending this along way back when, and bigscreenlittlescreen for reminding me to post it.