Angelina Jolie Considering Wanted Sequel

Last time I wrote about Wanted 2, it was to talk about the fact that Fox, Angelina Jolie's character from the original film, might return. At that point, many things pointed to the liklihood of that actually happening being pretty low. But a couple of days ago I missed a piece on MTV (because I'm no longer used to them posting anything that isn't Twilight-related) in which director Timur Bekmambetov talks about having cracked an idea to feature Fox once more. Now Anne Thompson says that Jolie is reading the current script, with hopeful Universal execs waiting for her thumbs-up.

At some point, we'll have to agree that the spoiler window has closed for Wanted, but I'll play along for now and warn you that there are some of those after the break.

So: Jolie's character bit it in the first movie, and at the time she said that it was likely a permanent death. (Fox dying was actually Jolie's idea.) But she was responsible for a lot of the first movie's business, so it's no surprise that Universal wants her back. With Jolie, Wanted 2 is a tentpole. Without her, it's just another sequel. On the prospect of bringing the character back, Bekmambetov tells MTV:

If you remember from the first film, we have a recovery room with the baths of wax. We know how to do this, but it's still tough to do, because the bullet is inside her head...But there has to be a reason for her to come back... and we know the reason. I think we found the reason for her to come back.

But as Thompson notes, bringing Jolie back won't be cheap. Wanted did surprisingly well, but if she asks for more for the sequel, will Universal pony up? And is the idea to bring Fox back really going to look like anything but a cheap Marvel Comics-style cop out of a legitimate character death?