Cameron Crowe Directed Pearl Jam Music Video "The Fixer"

We haven't heard much from writer/director Cameron Crowe's (Fast Times at Rigemont High, Almost Famous, Jerry Maguire) since production on his next film, the Hawaiian adventure romantic comedy Deep Tiki, got postponed until 2010. Crowe decided to also direct a music video for the band Pearl Jam. Watch the video embedded after the jump.

The video is a typical live performance shoot, and not much more. I think I'm most disappointed because Crowe's films play like a music album, cut to songs perfectly synced to the drama on screen. I would have loved to see him actually direct a video featuring a narrative story, just to see what he could do when dialogue is no longer required at all.

The video was filmed at Seattle's Shadowbox Theater, and aside from shooting the performance with green screens on the sides and background, projecting images of the crowd and or band, it's a pretty typical video. Not that I'm expecting a music video to have a budget now-a-days. Not that I've seen a music video on MTV in years... As the music industry continues to struggle, gone are the days of big money big production music videos.

via: Cameron Crowe