Third X-Files Film Planned, Rumors Of A Reboot

A third X-Files film is currently being prepared for shooting to take place by 2012. That's a long while so these preparations are no doubt tentative, even vague.

Follow a daisy chain from here to Bloody Disgusting, onwards to X-Files News and then to Dnevnik, and you'll end up with a Croatian interview with Gillian Anderson from the Sarajevo Film Festival.  Track back to the Bloody Disgusting piece, and they can shed rather more light on proceedings:

While they work to confirm the story, here at Bloody Disgusting we can tell you that there is in fact talk about doing another... Something we can add to the story is there is talk of a REBOOT. Are you surprised? Nothing is set in stone, all should be taken as rumor until confirmed.

Well, of course. But I love rumours. Some of them turn into news and the others are fun while they last.My favourite episodes of the show (not that I saw more than maybe 25 episodes anyway) were quite lighthearted. Jose Chung's From Outer Space is probably my top pick – but I can't see any future feature film taking that tack at all.Indeed, I'm sure any further X-Files films will be quite moody and serious. That's what people seem to want from Mulder and Scully anyway. I'd also expect that any future pictures will work as stand-alone stories with little or no dependence on the show's oil-and-bees mythology which, if we're being honest, is a fading memory for most folk by now. I'm sure that's where the desire to reboot comes in. That and getting rid of all these middle-aged folk, eh?I'm a big David Duchovny fan, so you can count me keen for just about anything he takes a turn in, and while Anderson has generally impressed me more in her non-X pictures she certainly won't put me off. Recasting them and kick starting the whole shebang from scratch... could be a bad idea. Wasn't it their chemistry that made this thing work in the first place?