Six New Images From James Cameron's Avatar

Avatar Day isn't enough. Fox is trying to make this Avatar Week. First there was word that the trailer for James Cameron's upcoming Avatar would arrive tomorrow morning, in advance of the theatrical footage premiere on Friday. Now we've got six new images from the film. They show Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Giovanni Ribisi, Stephen Lang and Michelle Rodriguez in character, and the one above, a still from the trailer, shows off some of the war tech we've already seen in toy form. Check 'em all out after the jump.

In the Comic Con footage, some of which will be seen in theatres on Friday and which we expect to see briefly mirrored in the trailer, we already saw some of these characters, but this is the first time most of you get a look at Weaver, Ribisi, Lang and Rodriguez as they appear in the film. (Expect to see Weaver's Na'avi avatar in footage soon.) I don't even remember seeing Ribisi in the Comic Con footage, but it's possible that he was seen and I just glossed over his appearance.

To put these images into some slightly speculative context (spoilers here, I guess) what you're seeing is likely Worthington's character Jake prior to arrival on Pandora, then Weaver, who plays one of the scientific leaders of the avatar program, and an administrator played by Ribisi, in the Avatar lab. The grizzled Lang is standing next to the creche that Jake (or any avatar participant) has to get into — basically a device that looks like a high-tech tanning bed — in order to transfer consciousness into a Na'vi avatar like the one seen in the first released production still.

We'll have more on the film first thing tomorrow, as the trailer should be online around 10am EST / 7am PST.