Many More Added To Mother's Day Remake: Jaime King, Alexa Vega, Shawn Ashmore And More

Saw and Repo! The Genetic Opera director Darren Lynn Bousman twittered a confirmation recently of a load of new casting for his remake of the Troma grindhouse shocker Mother's Day. "Ton's [sic] of casting news... Briana Evigan, Alexa Vega, Shawn Ashmore, Jamie King Mothers Day is going to be INSANE!!!!"

"What we're trying to do is elevate this outside of a genre movie," Bousman told THR. "I've done three Saw films, I've done Repo, and yes, this is horrific at times, but it's much darker and deeper because of the focus on the characters." To that effect, he's expanded the cast of the original to some degree (as we previously reported).

Scott Milam's new version is cast as a psychological thriller in which three deranged men on the run from the law return to the house where they grew up, only to discover that their mother lost it to foreclosure. (Economic downturn horror!) Mother joins the boys in terrorizing the new homeowners and their guests. So instead of just aiming for the tone of the original or of Wes Craven's original The Last House on the Left, Bousman is targeting the sort of horror that Michael Haneke both perfected and satirized in both versions of Funny Games.

Jaime King (who recently made a surprise appearance on this week's /Filmcast) plays the new lady of the house, while Shawn Ashmore and Briana Evigan play the houseguests. Matt O'Leary is one of the crazed sons, joining the previously announced Deborah Ann Woll, who plays the daughter the remake adds to the evil family. We still don't know who is playing Mother, and two more sons remain unaccounted for. The role for Vega (who previously worked with Bousman in Repo! The Genetic Opera) hasn't been explicitly announced, but she'll likely be part of the camp of victims.

Here's the trailer for the original Mother's Day (Probably NSFW).