Diora Baird Auditions For Thor

Devin Faraci is, apparently, a keen subscriber of Diora Baird's tweets. Over at Chud he is making his case for why they make such worthwhile reading. "Funny, smart and raunchy" he says. I'm glad he's paying attention, however, as he's now seen a little shiny glimmer of movie news tucked away. Here's a tweet from Ms. Baird:

Had an audition for the movie Thor today. Character description was 'pretty, but sturdy with muscle'. Damn type casting.

Okay, that's not unfunny or unsmart, is it? Maybe I might go digging for the raunchy later.

Devin asked her for more information, only to receive the inevitable door on the nose:

I cant say. I'll go to jail. For real. Had to sign my soul away.

Still not raunchy.

The game now is to try and guess which role she could be up for. There's always a possibility that it isn't a pre-existing character, though I'd bet that it is. An earlier rumour had Jesssica Biel going up for a part, and at that time I speculated on who she might be playing. There's no harm in repeating the same blind guesses, I suppose, because we've not really become any wiser on where this film is going in the meantime. I was prattling on about the two most likely female figures in the Thor-verse:

The first of those was Sif, an Asgardian warrior who would provide a pretty straight up love interest for the behammered one. The second was Amora the Enchantress, one of Thor's 'villains'. With Loki in place as the key antagonist, I fancy Sif the slightly more likely choice.

Baird's big break came, I think, when her role in Wedding Crashers was parlayed into countless magazine pictorials and she caught a wave of the FHM-friendly zeitgeist. She's got a role in the upcoming Night of the Demons do-over, and reportedly a good one too. Maybe she's still very much on the up. I'd definitely sit up and pay attention if Kenneth Branagh gives her the Thor role.