Report From Set Of Inception: Leonardo DiCaprio And The Bridge Of Mirrors

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We know next to nothing about the story behind Inception, the new film from Christopher Nolan which is filming around the world. Now that People has reported with a description of a scene from a location in Paris, we still know next to nothing. That hasn't stopped a little bit of speculating from taking place, however, and Movieline has a crazy thought that, while almost definitely totally wrong, would put Inception squarely in Charlie Kaufman territory. But since we're all speculating anyway, let's indulge this notion.

First, there's People's description of the scene, which took place on the Pont de Bir-Hakeim, a bridge that crosses the Seine. Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page we working in the scene, and Marion Cotillard was on hand, too. The article describes the action:

Monday's scene on the closed set utilized two giant mirrors, each the size of a storefront and slowly rotating and reflecting each other. The leading man – dressed in a grey-green Armani jacket, black trousers and looking very tanned and blond – stood between them, creating a funhouse-mirror effect of a thousand reflections before the mirrors pulled away to reveal him walking the bridge with Ellen Page amid a sea of extras.

DiCaprio and Page argue, and she violently shoves him, knocking him to the ground. Other shots focused on the many extras, "standing as still as statues, as though they were frozen in time." The article reports that DiCaprio and Page worked in the morning and that Cotillard arrived on set just before the other two actors wrapped, but does not describe her scene.

Then there's Movieline's take on the scene, which is wild enough to be intriguing, if as unsubstantiated as those rumors of Brad Pitt appearing in Sherlock Holmes. Essentially, the site speculates that DiCaprio might be playing some analog of Christopher Nolan. The conclusion is drawn primarily from the People photo of the star on set, and the connection between his appearance and Nolan's general style. And since the film is set within "the architecture of the mind" it's an idea that sounds good, at least, though it's totally at odds with what few details we've heard. (And can't print, sadly.)

Finally, JustJared has a bunch of photos from the set, so head there to check 'em out. We might know a tiny bit more soon, as the Inception teaser trailer will debut this Friday. Until then, discuss!