Terry Gilliam Wants To Work For Pixar - Plus An Exclusive Video Interview With The Man Himself

After the break, a video interview in which Terry Gilliam and I discuss The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote and his real plans for adapting Philip K. Dick. But first...

Who doesn't love Pixar? Okay, apart from Armond White? Not many folk, no? And it seems like Terry Gilliam is as enamored with the powerhouse animation studio as the rest of us. Speaking at a BFI special event career retrospective last Friday night, Gilliam came around to discussing the state of modern animation. After praising Pixar for their films, noting how they are clearly a studio run by "creative people" and not suits, and commenting on how much of the bold political cinema he's seen recently has been in animated family films, Gilliam also let on that he wants to work for the studio. He revealed that he met Andrew Stanton at the premiere of Wall-E and quite sincerely told him to "hold the door open" for him.

Gilliam went so far as to claim he'd "sweep the floors" at Pixar just to be in such a creative, supportive environment, but also seemed quite serious when he talked about it being somewhere he could move to and make movies once financing in the live-action realm became too difficult. Are you listening, Mr. Lasseter?

After the on-stage event, I got to sit down and speak to Gilliam and also record our chat for you. The first part of our discussion was about fans and reception of the Parnassus trailer, and you'll soon be able to see that video over at the "official unofficial" Parnassus fan support site. Here, though, is the more "newsy" part of out discussion.

This video has been slightly edited because we touched on some things that can't really be public... yet. Give it time.

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