Free Movie: Zombie Girl: The Movie

Last year at Fantastic Fest, I caught the premiere of Zombie Girl: The Movie, a documentary about Emily Hagins, a 12-year-old girl from Austin Texas who spent two years directing a feature-length zombie movie. Encouraged by her mother Megan, who produced, created the special effects and held the boom mic, Emily filmed the movie on weekends and school holidays. Emily is what you would expect from a director of her age: highly unorganized, unfocused and unable to communicate clearly. At one point she gives an actress the direction to "act sorta like yourself, except you're being chased by zombies."

The film captures the magic and struggle of micro-budget indie filmmaking. But at it's core, it is a movie about a mother and a daughter who were brought together through the love of film and (insert over dramatic effect) almost torn apart due to the making of a film. Zombie Girl: The Movie is now available online for free through Hulu/SnagFilms.