Dexter Season 4 Promo: "Under Pressure"

The only show on television that I enjoy almost as much as Lost is Dexter. Season 4 premieres on September 27th 2009, and Showtime has been airing a new promo using the classic Queen song "Under Pressure" which focuses on the new problems that Dexter will be facing at home. Thanks to BigScreenSmallScreen for reminding me to post it. And if you didn't catch it check out our coverage of the Dexter panel at Comic Con to see a three and a half minute trailer for this season. The new promo, embedded after the jump, features no actual footage from the season, and is virtually spoiler free. Unless you haven't yet watched the events that ended last season, of course. But honestly, the banner, tv, magazine, and billboard advertisements all feature the baby, so if you haven't caught up – tough luck.