Lost Viral: Paul Scheer Breaks Into LOST Production Offices, Season Six Premiere Episode Title Discovered?

Last Week on the Lost Viral: Human Giant comedian Paul Scheer made an appearance during the Q&A of the Lost Comic-Con panel, presenting Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse with a velvet painting and announcing his new website DamonCarltonAndAPolarBear.com. After Con, we recieved a very strange FEDEX'ed letter from Paul, declaring his decision to become the Picasso of Pop Art, and devote his life to making Lost-inspired paintings. Soon after we recieved a FEDEX'd letter from Ronie Midfew Arts, declaring that "Mr. Scheer is creating this LOST-inspired artwork without authorization." A couple people in the comments figured out that Ronie Midfew Arts is actually an anagram for Widmore Fine Arts. Yes, as in Charles Widmore. And last time we heard from Paul, he had just received a photo of his Velvet Polar Bear Painting in a trash can at the Lost production offices. Paul wrote on his blog, "I know Damon and Carlton would never do this. They loved my painting. They must also be getting harassed by Ronie Midfew Arts. I'm going to find out the truth. I think it's time I paid Damon and Carlton a visit!"

As expected, Paul crashed the Lost production office in an attempt to confront Lost showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse about his trashed velvet painting. The best part about it is that he video taped the entire thing (look out for easter eggs). For anyone who doubted that this wasn't an official Lost viral, I think this will confirm it to be real, with brief appearances by Cuse and Lindelof. Scheer discovers possible clues while dumpster diving in the trash outside the Lost production offices, before he was discovered by the lot security. What did he discover? Information about the Season six premiere of Lost! Watch the video after the jump!