The Mystery Team Solves The Case Of The Haunted Hotel

The DERRICK Comedy group, aka the folks behind the movie Mystery Team, did a killer panel at recently Comic Con. One of the highlights was a new Mystery Team short called The Case of the Haunted Hotel, which showed just how the comedy group packs some really sick jokes into an unsettlingly friendly atmosphere. Now the short is online to help promote the roadshow rollout of the feature prior to its nationwide opening in October. The excellent short is after the break.

Seeing this short with an audience would be the ideal experience, but I think you'll get the idea even watching alone. Director Dan Eckman, producer Meggie McFadden and writer/performers D.C. Pierson, Don Glover and Dominic Dierkes manage to combine a genuine childlike worldview with some really awful adult experience, and it's a potent piece of comedy. And if you live in Austin you can see them perform live for the premiere of Mystery Team at the Alamo Ritz on August 27. Another seven roadshow dates are planned for the film in the midwest and south before the movie opens for real this fall. You can get all those dates at the official website.

I've had a few chances to talk to the DERRICK folks, but haven't yet been able to see the feature, so here's what Peter had to say about Mystery Team when he saw it at Sundance:

Mystery Team is a film about a group of former Encyclopedia Brown-type child-detectives who have yet to grow up and are still solving stupid crimes during senior year of High School. When an 8-year-old hires the team to solve a case of her parents double murder, the Mystery team must face the first adult case in the team's history...The Derrick comedy group have perfectly captured the feeling of reading an Encyclopedia Brown type mystery on acid.

Editor's Update: Here is a listing of opening release dates for Mystery Team:

  • 8/27 Austin, TX MYSTERY TEAM Premiere with Derrick Comedy Live!
  • 8/28 Austin, TX
  • 9/4 Athens, GA
  • 9/11 Gainesville, FL
  • 9/11 Tallahassee, FL
  • 9/18 Ames, IA
  • 9/18 Iowa City, IA
  • 9/25 Columbia, MO
  • 9/25 Lawrence, KS
  • October – NATIONWIDE
  • Tickets to the Austin event will go on sale 8/14 and will be available for purchase at the Alamo's website.