The First Avenger: Captain America Described As "Raiders Meets Rocketeer And Saving Private Ryan"

Earlier today I posted about a comment that director Louis Leterrier (The Incredible Hulk) made during an interview with the Los Angeles Times, while on the England set of his latest film Clash of the Titans. There were also a few other interesting tidbits have emerged from the interview concerning Leterrier's future with Marvel, The Incredible Hulk 2, The Avengers and his thoughts on the early designs for The First Avenger: Captain America. Read the full interview over at LATimes, or check out the highlights below:

  • Apparently, Leterrier is contracted to direct one more film with Marvel.
  • Right now it does not look like he will be directing a sequel to The Incredible Hulk. Likewise, right now I doubt that Marvel will be making a sequel to The Incredible Hulk.
  • His next Marvel film will likely be something else — "something different that I can really put my touch on."
  • Like everyone else, Leterrier "would love to do the Avengers film." And who wouldn't, really?
  • He has seen some of the design work Marvel is doing for The First Avenger: Captain America and says it "looks amazing" and is "going to be so cool." He describes it as "a period piece"like Raiders of the Lost Ark but "with more gadgets..." He later clarified, "It's Raiders meets Rocketeer and Saving Private Ryan." Which makes sense since Captain director Joe Johnston was the art director on Raiders, and the director of The Rocketeer.
  • The concept painting in the header of this story, and full size below, is not from the production of the movie. Jonathan Mayer created the concept art, as an unsolicited pitch for the upcoming film. The painting is entitled "I Could Have Done More." and shows The Captain in the aftermath of Normandy. I thought it was interesting enough to include with this story.

    The First Avenger: Captain America NOT REAL concept art by