Lost Cast Member Confirms Return For Final Season

One of the cast members of ABC's Lost has confirmed that he/she will return for the final season of the television series. This is kinda tricky, as I think some people might consider this a spoiler. I've been careful to leave the person's name out of the headline, and not to include a photo of the person above (although, they are in the photo above somewhere) even though the original source does both (headline and photo). So please click after the jump to find out more.

PossibleSpoilersBegin...........Sci-Fi spoke to Elizabeth Mitchell, who played Juliet on ABC's Lost, and was able to confirm that she will appear in the sixth season of the show, even though her character appeared to have died in a nuclear explosion at the end of season five.

"It did seem that I kaboomed myself with the bomb," Mitchell said. "I like that word, anyway. I don't think it's going to be that way. I am going to be traveling to Hawaii more than once, so we'll see how that plays out, because my [V] producers have said it's all right, so that's good."

It isn't a HUGE surprise, as Lindelof and Cuse eluded at Comic-Con this year that we probably haven't seen the last of the character (but you never know with the Lindelof's cryptic replies). After watching the panel, which you can read about here, it seems like this season of Lost will feature a new framing device — flashes back and fourth between two alternative realities.

If Juliet did indeed blow up "the hatch," then the plane never crashed on the island, and the people who were on Oceanic flight 815 are alive and "well" living in the outside world, likely never to have met. But those who survived the explosion (probably not Juliet), are also stranded on the island, in the original reality timeline. So basically, Juliet's character never probably never got recruited to come to the island, and will make a few appearances in the alternative world in this new season. Adam Quigley has written a lot more about this theory on Alwayswatching.