/Filmcast Ep. 61 - Funny People (GUEST: C. Robert Cargill From Aint It Cool News)

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In this week's episode of the /Filmcast, Dave Chen, Devindra Hardawar and Adam Quigley assess their conflicting feelings on new trailers for A Serious Man and The Fantastic Mr. Fox, get excited for Spielberg's next film, praise the third season of Dexter, and wonder if there's any value to the works of Gregg Araki. Special guest C. Robert Cargill from Aint It Cool News joins us for this episode.

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  • (00:41) C. Robert Cargill (AKA Massawyrm) from Aint It Cool News, Spill.com, and Film.com
  • What Have We Watched

  • Cargill (03:22): Dexter Season 3, Wolfhound, Mutant Chronicles
  • David Chen (13:40): Mysterious Skin
  • Adam (20:32):  (500) Days of Summer, World's Greatest Dad
  • News Discussion

  • (32:56) Futurama Cast Returns
  • (33:34) Nacho Vigalondo's New Sci-Fi Game Comedy Gangland
  • (37:00) Fantastic Mr. Fox Trailer
  • (47:00) Universal Wants Marc Webb to Remake Jesus Christ Superstar
  • (51:51) Ridley Scott to Direct Alien Prequel
  • (1:04:20) Spielberg to Direct Harvey
  • (1:09:21) A Serious Man Trailer
  • Featured Reviews

  • (1:15:36) Funny People
  • Credits

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