I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell Movie Trailer

I want to hate Tucker Max, blogger and author of the full-length memoir / ode to assholery I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, but I can't. Not entirely. I think it's because I know that I'm supposed to hate him. Or maybe because, despite all his self-aggrandizing storytelling and hype about his own game with women, many of his stories end up with Tucker looking like the jerk, covered in his own filth, not getting laid. If you believe the Tucker Max that exists on paper, the guy lives for the story, and I can respect that, if not comfortably.

Ironically, the fictionalized Tucker Max seen in the trailer for the movie based on Max's anecdotes is much more genuinely and easily hatable. See for yourself after the jump.

MySpace just debuted the trailer for I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, the independent film that draws from Max's story The Austin Road Trip. Matt Czuchry from Gilmore Girls stars as Tucker. Bob Gosse (Niagra, Niagra) directs; Max wrote the screenplay. Gawker and other sites have savaged the script, which based on excerpts does seem to lose even the heavily dubious charm of Max's prose stories.

And watching the trailer, the movie seems to go for all the obvious and easy road trip sex comedy gags, and dismisses some of the heavily unflattering drunkenness that characterizes Max's tales. Those stories are compulsively readable despite their total lack of redeeming human behavior; there's a real ten-car pileup magnetism to the way he writes. But the movie so far looks like a simplistic version. And yet I can help thinking that the women in the film will manage to come off as even more dumb and shrewish than Tucker's book described. (Which was amazingly dumb and shrewish in the first place.) Could we have a movie that will generate more savage, hateful reviews than the current reigning champion for 2009, The Informers?