Sacha Baron Cohen's Next Mockumentary Revealed?

There's a potential lead on just what Sacha Baron Cohen's next starring vehicle might be, though it does come from a rather dubious source I'm afraid. According to The Sun – the UK's preeminent tabloid newspaper, and lynchpin of Rupert Murdoch's terrorist operations in my homeland – the next picture from Cohen is to be another mockumentary (if indeed that's what Bruno and Borat were, which I am not quite sure is the case at all).

Their claim is that Cohen and producer Dan Mazer have cooked up a new character in the form of a wannabe Eurovision contestant. This rings alarm bells as, well, it isn't easy to get to the Eurovision finals and, frankly, those who decide who gets through are just the sort to know exactly who Cohen is. Could he even come close to pulling it off?

The report also claims that Cohen and Mazer initially intended to have Bruno attempt to make it into Eurovision in his movie. That seems to add a degree of credibility as, frankly, it fits the film perfectly and seems precisely like the sort of stunt I can see them cooking up. Maybe that was the true kernel of truth that they wrapped some bulldung around?

Eurovision, for those not in the know, is an annual pop music competition in which bands from across European Broadcasting Union, limited to one per nation, battle it out for camp supremacy and kitsch domination. If you want to know more, Sounds Like Teen Spirit is a documentary on the Junior Eurovision which should give you some idea of how it all works out.

Another reason I can't necessarily see this idea being something Cohen would go bananas for is that it seems likely to depend less on the agressive satire of Bruno or Borat and more on just larking around. Or maybe they have some plans I just haven't imagined.

Incidentally, Bruno has turned a tidy profit so we can stop all of this nonsense talk about it being killed by Twitter.