Will The Flaming Lips Be In The New Where The Wild Things Are Trailer?

Don't be surprised if you hear a Flaming Lips song in the new trailer for Spike Jonze's adaptation of Where The Wild Things Are.

Apparently Lips head Wayne Coyne was asked if Warner Bros could use one of the band's songs in the next trailer. Jonze is considering using either "Do You Realise" or "The yeah yeah yeah song". Pedestrian overheard a conversation between Coyne and his manager where he decided that "Do You Realise" had more of a WTWTA vibe, but then went onto to say they can use either, as he'd prefer to let them choose.

The site asked Coyne on video for clarification, and the singer admitted that the movie looks like it has a "Flaming Lips kinda vibe" but that as far as the music, it is unclear if it will actually happen. ("They could be asking for a thousand songs, and they'll try it out on an audience and see which one works...").

I'm glad to see that Warner Bros isn't forcing Jonze to sell the movie as a mainstream kids film. If the footage that was shown at Comic-Con was any indication (there wasn't a dry eye in Hall H), this film has the potential to connect with people on a much stronger level than any family film in recent years. And the vibe is something entirely different. Songs from bands like Arcade Fire and the Flaming Lips seem to fit better than most. And yes, you could use the words indie or hipster, but that isn't really an accurate description.

A behind the scenes featurette for the film was released last week during Comic-Con, which I don't believe we ever got a chance to post. In the clip, Author Maurice Sendak says that he's "never seen a movie that looked or felt like this," and I'd have to agree. And since we never got around to properly posting the clip during the Comic-Con madness (I believe we did link it at some point), check out the clip embedded below.