Iron Man 2 Viral Launched:

You might not have noticed, but at Comic-Con Marvel launched a viral for Iron Man 2. For those of you who didn't hit up the show floor, the Iron Man 2 section was set-up like Stark Industries, complete with "assistants" handing out business cards for those interested in a job. The cards directed con attendees to the website, where you can apply for a job at Stark Industries. But there is more — a handwritten press release from Tony Stark himself...


On the site you can also find an interesting press release from Mr. Stark, written on a used drink napkin (seen above), declaring that Stark Industries is no longer making weapons. The promo reel screened at the Iron Man 2 panel included a clip from court hearing where a Senator was demanding that Tony Stark hand over his weaponry to the U.S. Government, to which Stark responded that his suit is not a weapon.

source: Marvel