Judd Apatow Producing Kimberly Peirce And John Carney

ComingSoon has learned that Judd Apatow is developing a romantic sex comedy project with Kimberly Peirce, the indie film director responsible for Boys Don't Cry and Stop-Loss. Apatow also revealed that he's developing a comedy project with John Carney, the director of the 2007 Sundance micro-budget musical Once.

While no further details have been revealed about the Carney/Apatow team-up, details of Peirce's next project can be found of the filmmaker's official website:

"in the vein of Pedro Almodovar and Woody Allen in which a 'guy's' group of friends resuscitates him from the worst possible breakup, and trains him to find true love in this gender twist on the classic romantic comedy."

I had read about this project at an earlier point, and the plan was for Apatow to co-write on the final draft with production to begin in 2009. It doesn't seem like they are far enough along to begin principal photography just yet (they aren't willing to announce the film's title just). But we'll keep you updated when we learn more.