Bryce Dallas Howard Is A Bad Girl In The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Update: Access Hollywood talked to Lefevre after the news was announced, and apparently she was stunned by the recast move.

It seems that more and more Eclipse is becoming the Twilight film to pay attention to. First we caught word that David Slade would be directing the film—which is interesting not only because he's a talented up and coming director, but because he's also had some unkind words to say about the series (Slade has since distanced himself from his earlier remarks). Now we've learned from that Bryce Dallas Howard is taking on the villain role of Victoria, replacing Rachelle Lefevre who portrayed the character in the first two Twilight films.

The official reason for Lefevre's departure is a "scheduling confict", though you'd have to wonder what would convince someone to drop one of the biggest new film franchises. Hitfix points out that Lefevre has been a big supporter of the series who seemed adamant on making the time for Eclipse back in May, so there's very likely a bigger story behind this casting change.

Source: Access Hollywood

Discuss: Do you think this is a smart move for Bryce Dallas Howard? Are there any roles you'd like to see replaced in the Twilight series?