Kevin Smith's A Couple Of Dicks Might Be Forced To Find A New Title

Kevin Smith revealed during his panel at Comic-Con that his new buddy cop comedy might not be titled A Couple of Dicks after all. You might remember that Smith had some trouble with his last film Zack and Miri Make a Porno, which was forced to call itself "Zack and Miri" in some television advertisements. Smith says that Warner Bros took some steps to avoid the problem with the new film and polled television networks to see if they would have a problem advertising a film with the word "Dick" in the title.

TBS and Fox said they would run the advertisements at any time during the day, but "the big three" (ABC, NBC, and CBS) said that they would not allow a film with that title to advertise until after 9:00pm.  Smith blames the move on Janet Jackson: "We're all still paying for Janet Jackson's tit. that boob haunts me." Even though the film is clearly about a couple of police detectives, the networks are scared to run an advertisement with the word "dicks" in the title.

This is a damn shame. Warner Bros breifly changed the film's title to "A Couple of Cops," which just sounds like a bad movie you'd find on Cinemax. I hope they can come up with a more creative title. The reason why A Couple of Dicks works is because of the double meaning.