Confirmed: Director Neill Blomkamp Would Probably Not Do A Halo Film, Even If Offered One

In 2006, it was announced that a film adaptation based on the insanely popular videogame series Halo would be helmed by a 26-year old first-time director named Neill Blomkamp. Blomkamp went so far as to create some Halo-inspired shorts, but after several months of development, the project ultimately fell apart. Blomkamp went on to work with producer Peter Jackson to create his first feature-length film District 9, but some Halo faithful still held out hope that Blomkamp might return to the video game franchise again.

Tonight, I spoke with Blomkamp at the San Diego Comic Con about the making of District 9. The full interview will follow soon, but hit the jump for some of his thoughts on his potential involvement with the Halo universe.

When asked about the rumors that District 9 might be a way to prove his mettle for a Halo film, here's what Blomkamp had to say:

The rumors are completely wrong...The answer is, I probably wouldn't do Halo if it was offered to me. But creatively, I would like to do it. It's kind of like I'd be sad to not work on it, but I would still say no.

When I asked him to elaborate, here's what he said:

I worked on it for five months...I put a lot of sort of sweat and blood into Halo. Creatively, it's very compelling. I love it. But, when you work that long on something and you have it bottom out and collapse...i mean, I got District 9 out of it, I think I'm probably better off because it's more of a personal film. But yeah, I love the world of Halo. I don't think I would go back there.

I didn't see District 9 tonight, but I've spoken with many who did and from the sounds of it, Blomkamp has a hugely successful career ahead of him. I don't think the absence of a Halo film will affect that, but for fans of the game like me, it can still occasionally be sad to look back and think of what might have been. See my full shaky-cam interview with Blomkamp here.