Comic-Con: Show Floor Photo Gallery

Even on the first 'preview night' of the 2009 San Diego Comic Con, the show floor was so packed in places that it was difficult to move. I find a cattle prod is handy, or at least a willingness to just elbow through the knots of people. Problem is that, like me, everyone was standing around taking photos of all the neat stuff on display. There's the shrouded car from the new Green Hornet film (which David Chen is off checking out in all its real glory even as I type this) and some new images for projects like The Prisoner (dig the Shepherd Fairey influence on that Ian McKellan Banner) and some classic costumes and props from movies like The Rocketeer, Tron, Condorman (!?!) and Gremlins 2.

Some of this stuff is always here; you'll never see a Con without Dark Knight props for years to come, I'm sure. And some of it, like the green girls posing with attendees in a fake Enterprise bridge, are just silly. But that's the point of Comic Con: to get all this stuff in one place so everyone can check it out.