Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince - What Did You Think?

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince hits theaters on Wednesday. I got a chance to see the film last night and I think its the best film since Alfanso Cuaron's Prisoner of Azkaban, which is my favorite of the series. I absolutely loved the cinematography, specially some of the connected/stiched one-shots. The character moments were just so much fun. I was really surprised that the movie was so much fun, especially considering how dark the marketing has been. Yates brought some of the magic and wonder back that was missing from the last couple films. There isn't a lot of action sequences but you don't really notice and it doesn't really matter. This book, and the resulting film is more about the developing relationships and the backstory of Voldemort. I'm surprised they got away with a PG rating considering some of the violence (blood especially).

Discuss: What did you think of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? How does it live up in comparison to the rest of the series? I'd be interested to hear what fans of the book thought from an adaptation standpoint. What were your favorite parts? What didn't you like? The spoiler doors are open, so feel free to talk about anything!