Rainn Wilson, Nathan Fillion And DC Comics?

Rainn Wilson and Nathan Fillion had a meeting at DC Comics. Wilson tweeted "Could be some good s*** percolating..." Fillion wrote a similar tweet: "Some great s*** percolated at a meeting today with @rainnwilson and @nathanfillion. And, I grabbed me a sweet DC Encyclopedia."

I have no idea what project they might be meeting about, but I would guess that it was probably comic book related and not a superhero movie, considering the meeting was with DC Comics and not Warner Bros. But it should be noted that many fans have been saying that Fillion would make an great Hal Jordon. There was even that awesome fan made Green Lantern movie trailer a couple months back.  It's also possible that they are meeting to discuss voicing one of DC Comic's upcoming animated home movies. Fillion had previously voiced the character of Steve Trevor in the Wonder Woman movie.

Whatever this project might be, be it movie, television, comics or whatever, ow could you go wrong with Rainn Wilson, Nathon Fillion and potentially DC Comics?