G.I. Joe Japanese Movie Trailer: Cobra Commander In Motion!

...well, he's almost in motion, anyway. This Japanese trailer for Paramount's upcoming G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra doesn't show a lot of new footage, though what we do see is cut in a hyper-kinetic fashion that does the footage more service than the last domestic trailer. But the highlight here is one brief glimpse at Cobra Commander (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), as he's standing next to Destro (Christopher Eccleston). Watch the clip after the break.

I'm posting this primarily because Gordon-Levitt is the one thing that is still holding my interest in this movie. I don't care about GI Joe as a toy line, a cartoon adaptation or (shudder) a mythology, but I do want to see JGL taking advantage of the opportunity to chew some scenery into little bits. And while the movie sounds like a ridiculous piece of work (even setting aside the whole firing rumor) I love the way that Paramount is keeping JGL's doctor/Cobra Commander character almost totally under wraps to whatever degree is possible. The studio is playing Destro as the real villain of the film, and he may well be the prime mover to a certain extent, but it's rare with a tentpole like this that a major character is kept out of the advertising to such a great degree.

Beyond that, yeah, this is a lot of quickly cut shots of people jumping, things blowing up and Sienna Miller's catsuit cleavage. One of those three things is pretty fantastic; you can choose which one.

[via Cinematical]