New Bloody Photos From The Final Destination

New photos from The Final Destination (aka Final Destination 4 3D) have been published via our friends at DVDForum. I love the image above because it shows what happens when you go see a horror movie in 3D. Stupid teenagers. That's what you get! But seriously, For me, the Final Destination films are fun because they don't pretend to be anything more than just a series of fun death sequences. You never really care about the characters or story. Everyone goes to see the ridiculously elaborate death sequences. Gimmicky 3D will probably suit the series well, and judging from these imagines, audiences will be in for some mindless, gory, possibly fun 3D violence. We can only hope. I must warn you, most of the new photos show the gory deaths of the kids in this fourth film, so be warned of possible spoilers.


Head on over to DVDForum for more photos.