Brandon Routh's Superman Contract Has Lapsed

Yet another rusty nail has been driven into my hopes and dreams the coffin of a potential Brian Singer Superman Returns sequel. Talking to Omelete during a Scott Pilgrim set visit, Brandon Routh has admitted that his multi-movie contract with Warners Superman franchise has lapsed. Their original story is in Portuguese, but my IT-abetted attempt at a translation will follow after the break... with a little bonus 'good news' about Routh's upcoming picture Dead of Night.

Here are the key quotes from Routh. Firstly, on the small matter of the contract:

The term of the contract expired. But if they call me again, I'll go back to the character without thinking twice.

On Warners' plans for the series:

I do not know anything. I'm sure that Warner Bros. is moving there, but everything is still uncertain. Actually, I do not know anything.

On why he thinks Superman Returns may have disappointed:

I think it is missing some beating.

By which I suppose I mean action, but all of the internet translators I can find only get as close as 'beating'. Honestly, though I don't know that it needed more action as much as a different evil scheme for Lex Luthor. The one in the film just doesn't seem high-stakes enough, and is a little difficult to identify with. Pretty much everything else in the film clicks, I think. I'm definitely keen to read Tarantino's epic review of the film if/when he gets time to finish it.

Routh's next starring role in the Dylan Dog movie Dead of Night was rumored to be going straight to DVD for a while before Platinum Studios' Dan Forcey told Think McFly Think that they were "contractually obligated and guaranteed a theatrical release of at least 1,100 screens" and "couldn't do direct-to-DVD if we wanted to."

Doesn't change the fact that it has a truly dreadful screenplay and will very possibly feel like a direct-to-DVD movie, though.