Movie Trailer: RoboGeisha

So, this trailer for RoboGeisha is NSFW, upper-level ridiculous, and almost necessitates a /Film After Dark sister-site. We should tell you now that it features fake skyscraper blood, pervy voiceover, and entertaining death by: tempura shrimp, "futuristic" lactating, and bootie swords. And lots of tawdry geisha action with carnage on top.

Due for international release this fall, the film is the exploitative brainchild of Noboru Iguchiand Yoshihiro Nishimura, the sadistic director and special effects madman who brought the world Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police. Respectively. Let's hope Tarantino stays out of the closets tonight, just saying. Express your awe or disappointment (from jail) in the comments.

via TDW / Twitch