Jessica Biel In Talks For Thor?

According to an unnamed source who spilled to Nuke The Fridge, Jessica Biel is currently negotiating a role in Kenneth Branagh's Thor. If true, and let's pretend for a moment that it is, this would seem to simultaneously stomp on the rumour that Natalie Portman was up for the female lead and those never ending Jessica Biel Wonderwoman stories (though stomping on those is rather like stomping on mist and just about as necessary). Who would she play? There's a handful of options but other information on the film would seem to suggest it isn't Nurse Jane Foster.

In the comics, Foster is the carer and lover of Donald Blake, the human alter ego of Thor. Seeing as Blake is persistently rumoured to not be part of the movie, or (according to some gossip) if he will appear it will only be at the very end, then I'd imagine Foster is a real long shot. Furthermore, Nuke the Fridge's source claims that Biel will be playing "the same female character from the animated Hulk vs Thor," of which there were actually two.

The first of those was Sif, an Asgardian warrior who would provide a pretty straight up love interest for the behammered one. The second was Amora the Enchantress, one of Thor's 'villains'. With Loki in place as the key antagonist, I fancy Sif the slightly more likely choice.

Having said that, Biel looks somewhat more like Amora than she does Sif, at least in the incarnations I'm more familiar with. What do you think about Jessica Biel: more a lover or a fighter?

There's an outside chance, of course, that Biel will be signed up for Amora and Portman will play Sif. That's gonna shift a few posters.

Biel's last few pictures have met some rather disappointing ends with Next and I Now Declare You Chuck and Larry displeasing just about everybody, Easy Virtue being somewhat underplayed, Nailed getting shutdown, shutdown, shutdown and then, very possibly, just shelved and Powder Blue going straight to DVD. She could use a little Norse godliness in her life, I think.