LOL: Terminator 3 Deleted Scene Explains Why The Terminators Look Like Arnold

Like many of you, I've never purchased or rented Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines on DVD, so this deleted scene has eluded my attention (update: some people in the comments claim that the scene was actually recorded for the T3 video game, but it was included on the T3 DVD as a deleted scene). For those of you who also missed it, this totally ridiculous sequence reveals why the Terminators look and sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and haphazardly explains what happened to Cyberdyne. If this scene was actually in the theatrical cut of the film, I'm sure I would have walked out. And that's saying a lot considering the sequel was all kinds of horrible. It cracks me up that people actually tried to defend this movie over Terminator Salvation... Watch the clip after the jump.