Paramount Nabs Shane Salerno's 'Super Repo Men' Script

After the first Transformers reviews started coming in, some speculated that it would be a bad weekend for Paramount. But Revenge of the Fallen did amazing business, and now, according to THR, new Film Group president Adam Goodman has started to buy. First up is an untitled pitch by Shane Salerno, about "super repo men who reclaim high-end jets and boats from rich but delinquent (and often hostile) clientele."

Salerno's action/comedy idea sounds like a pretty easy mark for a studio flush and ready to think about future tentpoles. Appropriately, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are producing, which isn't s surprise after this weekend's insane Transformers success. Look for this duo to have their hands in every big movie Paramount does for the next little while. "We're thrilled to be working with Shane, who's a wildly inventive and talented creator," they said in a statement that manages to say very little. "His passion was clear the minute he started telling his story. He has crafted a smart, lighthearted action movie that's fun and topical, with a ton of unexpected plot twists. It's a Butch-and-Sundance two-hander set in a world that'll feel warmly familiar to people, yet it's one they've never really seen before."

I don't know about the world of repo men who take back big-ticket items like boats feeling 'warmly familiar', but hey, I like the basic idea. Not even because Repo Man (to which this is not even vaguely related, and speaking of, am I foolish for looking forward to Alex Cox's follow-up Repo Chick?) is one of my favorite films; I think I just like the idea of a rich, angry guy shaking his fist as a 'super repo man' makes waves with his boat.

Salerno had a hand in the script for Armageddon (along with Tony Gilroy and JJ Abrams, lest we forget) and wrote Shaft and the second Aliens Versus Predator film. He's got Reckless and Doomsday Protocol potentially starting up any minute now.