The Invention Of Lying International Movie Trailer

An international trailer has arrived at Yahoo UK for The Invention of Lying, once called The Other Side of the Truth, and while the new title is lame, the trailer has great moments. The film, written and directed by Ricky Gervais and Matthew Robinson, stars Gervais as a man in a world where no one lies. Ever. At all. Period. Until the day when Gervais realizes how to lie, which turns his world around.

The trailer does a great job of showing of the film's co-stars: Jennifer Garner, Louis CK (who gets the clip's kicker line), Jonah Hill, Martin Starr and Rob Lowe. The rest of the cast is impressive, too: Jason Bateman, Jeffrey Tambor, Christopher Guest and Patrick Stewart as the narrator. Gervais spoke a while ago about the name change, saying:

I loved This Side of the Truth but we worried that in all the marketing it would be difficult to try to get the concept across. If you go more "on the nose" with the title you can be more creative with trailers and posters.

The sad thing is, that while I've heard from multiple writers that this script was incredibly funny, some say that test audiences haven't liked the edit presented to them. Co-writer and director Matthew Robinson isn't one of the 'some', however, as he's said that at least one test screening went quite well. Not that I'd expect him to say otherwise. The trailer certainly makes the film look light and airy, which doesn't have to be a bad thing at all, and given the talent involved I still have a lot of faith in the film. Even if it's not remotely as crushing as some of the most enduring Gervais comedy efforts, this still looks like a lot of fun.