Heather Graham And Craig Robinson Join Kevin Spacey's New Film

Kevin Spacey is producing and starring in a film called Father of Invention and now he's been joined by the wonderful Craig Robinson, as well as Heather Graham, Johnny Knoxville and Camilla Belle, according to THR. Spacey plays, according to the trade, a "humble inventor turned egomaniacal billionaire" who serves an eight-year stint in jail after some bad shit goes down with one of his inventions. Intent on revitalizing his reputation, he also has to rebuild his family. Trent Cooper is directing from his own script co-written with Krane and Nichole Beatty.

Robinson sounds like the key supporting actor; he'll play the guy who married Spacey's ex-wife after he went to jail, and now enjoys the fruits (ahem) of Spacey's labor. He helps Spacey get back on his feet, which includes nabbing a job working at a store run by Knoxville. Belle will play Spacey's daughter and Graham her lover, who also hooks up with Spacey. Production begins this week in New Orleans.

OK, so, sounds like a strange comic gloss on American Beauty? Or is that just me? Regardless, the pairing of Belle and Graham should be enough to put a few asses in seats. And it's always good to see Robinson in a nice meaty role.