M Night Shyamalan Launches Official Website/Interactive Experience

Director M Night Shyamalan has finally launched his official website. And as you might expect, its far from traditional. MNightShyamalan.com transports you into a dark mansion (possibly haunted) where you walk around and uncover clues which grant you access to rooms/locations from Shyamalan's film history. I know this probably sounds like one of those annoying flash sites, where you'd rather just have easy access to a menu. And yes, it is that, but Night makes it worth your time by providing some extremely honest thoughts about his past films.

For example, in one hallway I replaced a shard of glass to a broken mirror on the wall and was transported to the kitchen from Unbreakable. You might be wondering, "Why the kitchen?" One of the clues I found in the room revealed that Night's favorite scene from the film is the kitchen scene where Bruce Willis' son threatens to shoot him to prove he is "unbreakable". And yes, you get to watch it.

Other information I learned about the film from the room is that it was inspired by Pulp Fiction, Superman and Dog Day Afternoon. That the other title he considered for the project was "No Ordinary Man". But if you explore further, you'll find some pretty honest tidbits from Night. for example, he talks about a moment he ripped off from another movie and the moment that he thought the film has failed.

Each room is presented with music from the original film. I'm tempted to callĀ  this more of an experience than a website, but I don't want to oversell it. It's definitely worth checking out.