Tenacious D Have Written A Song For New Heavy Metal Movie

Buried in a video interview with MTV, Jack Black mentions that he and Kyle Gass, aka Tenacious D, have written a song for the new Heavy Metal movie. Which doesn't mean that we'll ever hear it, because the project could be perennially stuck in development hell, but the very idea of having a song in the film by the 'D is great. Black also mentions that he's working on a musical comedy with producer JJ Abrams.

Granted, neither project is close on the horizon. Check the brief statements by Black. On his collaboration with Abrams:

...I'm talking [to Abrams] about a comedy. A comedy involving music. He would produce. It's too early to say [any more]...I've made the mistake before, of talking about things before they're real, then it doesn't happen, then I'm the one with cupcake on my face.

On Heavy Metal:

But that movie's also not green-lit. [Saying too much] would also be premature. But me and Kyle, Tenacious D, wrote a song for the Heavy Metal remake, hopefully that'll happen. The song is kick-ass.

It's been pretty quiet on the Tenacious D front. Gass made a few statements at one point that suggested the duo might be done, but a new album is tentatively planned for sometime in the next couple years. A year ago Gass said to Billboard they were one and a half songs into the new album, and that the rest might take a while. The duo has played shows, but the most exposure they've had since The Pick of Destiny was released has been the appearance of their songs in Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

The original Heavy Metal had a soundtrack that wasn't actually all that metal — the Dio-era Black Sabbath track 'The Mob Rules' stands out as the song most appropriate to the title. And yet it's actually a great soundtrack for a silly, fun film. Using Tenacious D in the new version might be a little on the nose, but probably too much fun to pass up. The film, once set up at Paramount, is now at Sony. David Fincher, James Cameron, Gore Verbinski, Zack Snyder and Guillermo del Toro have all been namechecked in association with the film. Recently, Kung Fu Panda co-director Mark Osborne was said to be interested in doing a segment featuring Black; could that acutally feature the D instead? If this movie actually happens, I might be shocked to death.

(Perhaps the less said about Heavy Metal 2000 and most of its soundtrack, the better. Though that lineup did feature the entertaining Monster Magnet and a great Queens of the Stone Age song, 'Infinity'.)