VOTD: It's So Bad: Troll 2 Is Now On Hulu!

Today, a lame goblin knocked on the door of Hulu's offices and left a slime-colored, flaming bag of shit on their doorstep. That's right boils and ghouls, Troll 2, the worst movie ever made according to the world, is now available free of charge. This cult-classic movie is a total dealbreaker, so if your girlfriend or boyfriend won't watch it with you, promptly dump them in the inexplicable name of Stonehenge Magic Stone.

And after the movie's over (scariest ending ever?), be sure to check out /Film's recent interviews for the awesome Troll 2 documentary Best Worst Movie with Michael Stephenson (the whiny kid) here and George Hardy (the dad, protector of hospitality) here. Cheers to young '80s girls who can't dance wearing Garfield horoscope nightgowns and saying, "Take it or leave it!"