Bored To Death Television Teaser With Schwartzman And Galifianakis

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HBO has released the first teaser for Bored to Death, a series pilot starring Jason Schwartzman as an alcoholic writer who begins to moonlight as a private detective, just because he can. In mid-September last year Zach Galifianakis was added to the cast as Ray, a comic book writer and close friend of Schwartzman's character. Given the success of The Hangover, nabbing him now probably seems like the best idea this production ever had. Consequently he figures into this teaser in a big way.

The teaser, being what it is, doesn't give out too much information. Schwartzman looks a little too self-aware, even on the nose, but Galiafinankis looks great. But the whole concept is a bit on the nose, so I'm not sure what I expected. (It's also making me think of Pual Auster's novel City of Glass, about another non-detective. Look for the awesome graphic novel version illustrated by the incomprable David Mazzuchelli.)

I kinda think the best thing in this teaser is (shocker!) Ted Danson, who with his amazing hair looks like David Cronenberg, if Cronenberg were a crazy alcoholic businessman. I do hope that everyone in this show drinks to excess; that's the sort of anti-social behavior we just don't see celebrated often enough in modern detective fiction.

HBO also has Hung coming up this year; with these two shows the network could be on the way back to a solid lineup.

[via Movieline]