Platinum Dunes Says Friday The 13th Sequel Is Snowbound? 3D? Admit To Disappointing First Entry

Update: /Film commenter, Infrafan, points out that a "snowbound" setting opens up the following scenario: Jason finds himself on a frozen lake. Jason then "plays hockey" with the decapitated head of an AXE body spray model or a fake breast. Knowing Platinum Dunes, we could actually see this happening.

Even though last February's Friday the 13th opened to $44 million domestic but failed to crack the $100m milestone due to underwhelming word-of-mouth and stunted effort to make a definitive and fun entry, Platinum Dunes made a killing on the $16 million budget. Semi-good news: The horror company's go-to director Marcus Nispel will not be back for the previously announced sequel. Uber-bad news: Unfortunately, Nispel will take his exhausted MTV-metallic sheen and ridiculously back-lit atmospherics to Conan instead. Ryan Rotten at STYD spoke recently with PD producer, Brad Fuller, who felt the need to fess up to fans' criticisms of the first film and reveal the "hook" for the sequel.

PD producer, Andrew Form, also addressed rumors that the sequel will go 3D to CHUD: "But I mean from day one when we started talking about the sequel we talked about it being in 3-D." That said, Fuller seems to feel that there isn't enough time to convert the film to 3D to meet its scheduled release next summer.