How Are The First Two Iron Man 2 Photos Connected?

How are the first two official photos from Iron Man 2 possibly connected? Details after the jump.

Mickey Rourke as Whiplash in Iron Man 2 high res

Paramount recently released the first photo of Mickey Rourke in costume as Whiplash. When the photo was released, I speculated that the photo was possibly Rourke's first appearance in the suit, as the contraption looked like it was cobbled together with spare parts (very much like Stark's Mark 1 armor). We know this... the scene takes place at the Monaco Gran Prix race track. Our friends at MovieViral noticed something fishy on Stark's monitor. You see those squiggly lines across the top?

Iron Man 2

They look very similar to the map of the Monaco Gran Prix:


Also notice Stark's other monitor... is that a breakdown of Rourke's tech?

rourkes heart

Stark is looking rather annoyed at his super futuristic translucent screen. Could it be that this is the moment he first learns of Whiplash? I think so.

Thanks to /Film reader Corey A for the tip.