Road Trip II: Beer Pong Movie Trailer

Some people have pointed out that The Hangover could be looked at as a spiritual sequel to one of director Todd Phillips' previously released comedies, Road Trip. I mention this because a sequel to Road Trip is not only in the works, but its been shot, edited, and will be released in August. Of course, I'm talking about one of those crappy DVD spin-off sequels.

Road Trip II: Beer Pong is directed by Steve Rash, the same guy who directed Son in Law and recently found a consistent paycheck directing a series of direct-to-dvd sequels fr the American Pie and Bring it On series. Of course, the previously mentioned Todd Phillips has no involvement in this cash grab, and DJ Qualls (The New Guy) seems to be the only original cast member to return. What, Tom Green wasn't available? Watch the terribly unfunny trailer, after the jump.

via: Film Junk