/Filmcast Ep. 54 - The Hangover (GUESTS: Jeremy Renner, Katey Rich From Cinemablend, Jesse Thorn From PRI)


In this episode of the /Filmcast, David Chen, and Adam Quigley ponder the implications of drastic changes to The Warriors, complain about different versions of movies in theaters, remember cinematic versions of Shakespeare plays, and mourn the loss of a beloved actor. Special guest Katey Rich joins us from Cinemablend and Jesse Thorn joins us from The Sound of Young America. Also, Dave interviews actor Jeremy Renner from Kathryn Bigelow's upcoming film The Hurt Locker.

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What Have We Watched

  • Katey Rich (01:55): Parks and Recreation, Borat, Taxi to the Dark Side
  • David Chen (14:54): Eastern Promises
  • Adam (17:43): Land of the Lost
  • Bonus Interview

  • (25:05) Dave interviews Jeremy Renner for The Hurt Locker
  • News Discussion

  • (34:05) Actor David Carradine Found Dead
  • (37:56) Tony Scott's Warriors Remake to be Set in LA
  • (43:35) Hardwicke and Emile Hirsch Team Up for Modern Day American Hamlet
  • (52:15) Scream 4 is not a remake but the first chapter of a new trilogy
  • (1:01:16) IMAX to Feature Longer Cut of Transformers 2
  • Featured Reviews

  • (1:06:00) The Hangover
  • Credits

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