Robot Chicken Scribe To Write Short Circuit Remake

Remakes, remakes, and more remakes! Dimension Films has hired a new writer for the Short Circuit remake they announced last April. The original screenwriters/creators S.S. Wilson and Brent Maddock had been hired to pen the remake, but apparently the Weinstein's want to go in another direction with screenwriter Dan Milano. Before you write this one off completely, let me tell you a bit about the new screenwriter.

Milano is a writer on the Adult Swim television show Robot Chicken, and the creator of Greg the Bunny. Milano first watched the original film while he was in high school, and now wants to update the concept, "taking advantage of the improvements in robotics" of the last two decades. But the producers insist that Johnny 5's signature look won't change drastically from the original movie. So at least we don't have to worry about stupid looking computer generated advance shape-shifting robot...

TheĀ  popular 1986 John Badham sci-fi adventure comedy told the story of a military robot who runs away from the government after developing a conscience and a personality, the result of being hit by lightning.

source: Variety