Lemony Snicket Sequel Could Be Stop-Motion Animated?

Last month we learned that there is still hope for another Lemony Snicket movie. Director Brad Silberling said that he "would love nothing more" than to direct another Snicket film, and admitted that he is "in constant touch" with a screenwriter about the possibility. One thing we didn't touch on was Silberling's statement that the movie sequel "may take a wildly different form." Wildly different form? What could that mean?

Silberling explains further in a a recent interview with MTV, stating that he would like to shoot another Lemony Snicket film using stop-motion animation with "incredible detail and very twisted artistry." I'm immediately imagining something with the Tim Burton look and style. And with the sucess of Coraline, 3D could be the selling point Silberling needs to get another Snicket film green lit.

Shooting the sequel as an animated film also makes sense logisticly as the young actors from the original adaptation are now older. But how would you explain the change from live action to stop motion animation? Silberling says that they film could open up the movie with Lemony Snicket telling the audience, 'Okay, we pawned the first film off as a mere dramatization with actors. Now I'm afraid I'm going to have to show you the real thing.' That's soooo a Lemony Snicket thing to say.

Discuss: What do you think of the idea?